Original rock and roll music: Meet Kiki, Jocko, Vesper and Heisenberg.



Baby No Name is at it again, but this time we are practicing social distancing along with social unacceptability.


We played in the lovely and huge Touhy Park in early July, and are planning on revisiting the scene of the crime unless our alleged president's secret militia whisks us away first!

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You can't make this stuff up, because we already did!

p.s. you may be wondering, where is Jackson (Heisenberg) in this pic? Well, if you look closely at the top of the pine tree behind us, it is very similar to one that Jackson was staying near in Wisconsin when this photo was taken.  



Catch the Virus on hold


BNN's concept album, Catch the Virus, is on hold due to sensitivities concerning the COVID 19 outbreak. 

The first single release, "Baby I Wanna Cough In Your Face", would probably have been banned if anyone was running our government, so we decided to hold off.


In real news, BNN has laid down basic tracks  for seven new songs. Once we break out of virus jail, we hope to finish those up and celebrate with some live shows, Hope to see you soon and give you an elbow bump. 

Photo at right shows BNN not understanding the concept of protective masks during recording session in early March.


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