Original rock and roll music and other deviant behavior.

It's out.

Think we'll leave it out. 


It’s been a long, cold winter but your favorite band of misfit toys is back, baby!!  Baby No Name is at it again…and by “it” we mean the completion of our latest EP, Come Close—songs from the time of Covid.  

Hot off the presses and released electronically, digitally--and later-- materially and substantially to you, you, you and you …  i.e.  EVERYONE! 

Come Close is a product of this wild time and also of the great creative dialectic: compromise and collusion, collaboration and head-on-cacophonous crashes; differences both tame and wild, deafening and delightful as well as delusion, pain, glory, confusion and the ultimate triumph of unity.


In other words,  four humans mashed together in a tintinabulating practice space for three years, bouncing off each other’s walls and breaking down barriers to create something entirely other!! 


We don’t always agree on everything, and we may not get it all right, but this tolerance, permission--(denial!)-- and creative frisson allows us to aspire to something beyond each individual.  


Thus the reaching across the aisle, or the good old movie theater reach-around, conspires to birth a product that represents both our specific dissonances as well as the powerful resonance of our shared musical joys.  Or... our differences made us stronger-- yo!  Which seems particularly pertinent now and after these last long two years... 


But more importantly, we have a blast together and look forward to playing for and with you all soon.  So enjoy the EP-- & buy, download, share, drum and dance to it so we can cast you all in the upcoming video!! :) 

In other news ... 

We're creating a line of NFTs including our set lists, Vesper's grocery list, and a written transcript of an argument Kiki had with her building super. Prices start as low as $250,000.


More to come -- until then, relive this classic:


United Church of Rogers Park

1545 W Morse Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

4 pm in the Peace Garden.  Get right with you-know-who and rock out with BNN (also Daddy Burger Swag and M Hurley on looper guitar--before she pulls up stakes and heads to Asheville)



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BNN History


About 400 years ago, in March 2020, BNN were working with Matt at his famous studio/home/basilica.


Rumors were beginning to surface about the coronavirus outbreak, but the band was undeterred.


The photo at right shows BNN with the masks we created using avocados, spackle and bleach.

We are patiently awaiting approval from the FDA to make this medical breakthough available to the general public.




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