Original rock and roll music and other deviant behavior.

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On September 25, we played at the lake as a power trio, and then were joined by the talented and friendly percussionist Patricio, on loan from one of the other bands.


All was ticking along nicely until the cops decided we were having way too much fun, in violation of city ordinance 354-72.7 which specifically forbids enjoying the beach and park.


They broke things up ... or thought they did. We just milled around until they left and then started jamming again hahaha.

In other news ... 

The Babies recorded 6 new songs with the legendary Dr. Caw at his underground bunker deep within the  Earth's crust in Northbrook. More to come ...




United Church of Rogers Park

1545 W Morse Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

4 pm in the Peace Garden.  Get right with you-know-who and rock out with BNN (also Daddy Burger Swag and M Hurley on looper guitar--before she pulls up stakes and heads to Asheville)



BNN lake 092521.jpg
BNN Montrose 102220-1.JPG

BNN History


About 400 years ago, in March 2020, BNN were working with Matt at his famous studio/home/basilica.


Rumors were beginning to surface about the coronavirus outbreak, but the band was undeterred.


The photo at right shows BNN with the masks we created using avocados, spackle and bleach.

We are patiently awaiting approval from the FDA to make this medical breakthough available to the general public.




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