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Original rock and roll music and other deviant behavior.

Our CD is out...think we'll leave it out. Plus new shows, new songs, new attitude.   


Sorry about no updates for so long, but we've been some bizzy babies.


First, we officially released Come Close, our 6-song EP, this summer, with a flurry of dates to promote the record including a whirlwind trip to Madison, Wisconsin for a special in-home concert there. We also hit the beach for our summer gig at the Ropa Cabana, and returned to our place of birth, Jarvis Square Pottery, for a show in September.

We've also been promoting Come Close and getting some airplay at indie and college-type stations.


Plus, we got new songs in the hopper, new drummers by the truckload, and chaos on the menu. Try the extra large with cheese!


And as always, we're traveling near and far to bring the BNN experience to a bar, warehouse, shallow ditch or nightmare near you. Scroll down or go here to see show details. 




Picnic/Lighthouse TwoFer

7301 N Sheridan, Rogers Park, Chicago

Join us for a mellow set and check out the latest artistic creations by Nancy Van Kanegan at Picnic Wine & Provisions (​). Music starts at 6


Then stagger around the corner to hear Rent Party rock it up with BNN starting at 8 at The Lighthouse (in the same building, 7301 N Sheridan ). It's Chicago's finest dive bar! Seriously, scientists have been testing thecarpet for signs of extraterrestrial life.


City News Cafe

4018 N Cicero, Chicago 60641

Get  outta the sack and have some hot coffee, a tasty treat while we serenade you with our latest tales of lysergic insanity and social dysfunction.  Babies play from 11 to 1 (that's 11 a.m. in the morning ... )


In other news ... 

We're creating a line of NFTs including our set lists, Vesper's grocery list, and a written transcript of an argument Kiki had with her building super. Prices start as low as $250,000.


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BNN History


About 400 years ago, in March 2020, BNN were working with Matt at his famous studio/home/basilica.


Rumors were beginning to surface about the coronavirus outbreak, but the band was undeterred.


The photo at right shows BNN with the masks we created using avocados, spackle and bleach.

We are patiently awaiting approval from the FDA to make this medical breakthough available to the general public.




BNN baby.jpg
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