Original rock and roll music: Meet Kiki, Jocko, Vesper and Heisenberg.

More Powerful Than a Virus! 


What a year ... we started off playing loud rock and roll all over town, including a groovy gig at Martyrs, and we were doing some more recording with the legendary Matt when the Trump Plague hit.


Did that stop us? Are you kidding? No measly single-cell organism stands a chance against Kiki, Vesper, Jocko, and Heisenberg, and our legions of hecklers. 


We switched gears, swapped spit, and went from highly amplified babies to mellowed down, semi-acoustic toddlers, introducing a batch of new songs and revisiting oldies in the pastoral settings of Chicago's finest parks, as well as the Montrose Saloon beer garden.


We made it through this hellscape of a year and our fans joined in the masked, hand sanitizer-scented revelry.


Who knows what's up for 2021 ... my guess is 300 pound lizards dropping from the sky and the takeover of the government by mushroom-shaped entities.

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BNN History


About 400 years ago, in March 2020, BNN were working with Matt at his famous studio/home/basilica.


Rumors were beginning to surface about the coronavirus outbreak, but the band was undeterred.


The photo at right shows BNN with the masks we created using avocados, spackle and bleach.

We are patiently awaiting approval from the FDA to make this medical breakthough available to the general public.




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