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Baby No Name” sprung, fully loaded from the obsidian depths of the underground Chicago Rock Scene in late 2018.  Determined not to go gentle into that good night, veteran rockers Chris, Henia and Jay and relative newby (Kiki No Name aka Kiki Samsara aka Keralee)  came together in late October of 2018 to kick their first show onto stage in early November.


For a short time we floundered around like Jesus, looking for a place to be born and thrive.  Then our neighbor offered us rehearsal space and amplification a full-on scene was born.  “Baby No Name” found that it had chemistry and a renegade spirit to boot, as well as some ace crack musical veterans…  helpers and dare I say, groupies!  

In the spring of 2019 Jay retired to the suburbs to raise grandchildren and Jackson “the cleaner” Wilson came in to fill Jay’s oversized Thom McAn’s.  The “rock-over-run” quotient, (as opposed to “rise over run”) has only steadily increased.  In the last nine months, “Baby No Name” has performed to over-sized and self-satisfied crowds (wait, that should be over-satisfied and self-sized),  twice at The Lighthouse, The Pottery and Cary’s respectively as well as at The Burlington, Montrose Saloon, Yippie Fest, Cary’s Photo Loft and The Gallery Cabaret.  

Although we perform mostly originals with some tasty “deep cut” covers, the band has been compared to the Velvets, Patti Smith, “X” and Jefferson Airplane as well as Swanson's T.V. dinners -- the chicken one.    But we are adamantly and uniquely our own event.  With three singers and four rock veterans we know how to put it over and when and why.  

Keralee on rhythm, writing and vocals succeeds from “Life Coach”, Chris on lead guitar, writing and vocals hails from “Ovadya” and “Tarpit”, Henia on vocals and bass holds it down from “Paddy’s Lament” and “Defend Me Heaven” while Jackson on drums is a decorated and valued alumnius from “The Polkaholics.”  

Now we love to rock, wear wigs, (occasionally, they’re kind of hot), and hit it hard.   But our vibe is only beginning.  We take no prisoners and leave it all on stage.  Won’t you join us?    We are “Baby No Name”!  And we’re serious!! (sorta…).  Xoxoxo  

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