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Baby No Name records more tracks, goes into quarantine, topples illegitimate government 

Baby No Name added to their collection of recorded music with more sessions at the fabulous home studio of Rent Party and Deadly Bungalows bassist and all around rock god Matt​ Sobczyk.

The band's first recordings (which you can hear on this site) captured their misguided, adolescent/middle-aged angst. The new tracks, which are being "sweetened" by formerly imprisoned, now dead, murderer/producer Phil Spector, include faves like "I", "Don't Look Back", "The Last Day", and many more!


Baby No Name suffers pulled hamstring

No more details at this time.

Baby No Name told to turn down again

Hey really you guys sound great but could you just dial it back a bit? The neighbors are complaining and we don't want the cops to show up again like they did last week.  

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